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Most of us love baking because of so many reasons. Baking can bring back fond memories of loved ones and friends who we spent many hours baking together with.

It can cause us to bond and chat and act as a catalyst for conversation to flow as it can act as a perfect ice-breaker causing people to relax and open up more.

Baking at home always produces healthier and better food that store-bought creations. We can modify the recipes any way we want and create our own personal versions of long time favourites.

Baking can also create new memories as we slow down to enjoy the baking experience that is often shared at Christmas or times of celebration. I remember a dear old aunt of mine always making mince pies and tarts at Christmas and even the smell of freshly baked mince pies takes me back to those wonderful times.

So as you can see there are many reasons to bake but most of all I think baking is a personal experience that we can enjoy and share with others. So we hope that when looking around this site you'll find some inspiration and start making your own memories with baking.

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