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Luxury Cheese On Toast!

Cheese is just one of a variety of many weak spots of mine. And this is the reason why I'm partial to welsh rarebit but when I'm short of time I'll normally make my secondary option which is a livened up type of cheese on toast! It's remarkably effortless to add a couple of flavourings to cheese on toast and in this guide I'll present you a few pointers you can use to help make a tasty treat that little bit more memorable. One of the plus points is the fact that it's fast to make as you're basically adding a couple of readily available ingredients to cheese on toast and it's exceptionally great for those of us who don't get as lengthy a lunch as we might prefer.


I'm not sure any of this constitutes a recipe, but is more of some easy suggestions to help add a little bit more flavor to cheese on toast. So now you have accordingly lowered expectations, let's start.


Make use of your herbs and spices rack


Raid your herbs and spices rack and find what takes your fancy. A light sprinkle of a spice or chili flakes can add in a pleasant zing to your cheese on toast. I rather like adding a little paprika.


Mini pizza


The way I view it cheese on toast is almost a pizza! So finish it off by adding in a tomato sauce and additional toppings like ham and mushroom. Toast one side of the bread and, right before you toast the other side, layer your sauce and cheese then put on your toppings before putting back underneath the grill.


Um ... add a bit of butter


Okay this is not one of my proudest times. However, spreading a bountiful layer of butter under the cheese then toasting creates a rich treat. The melted butter develops a soft and rich under-layer among the cheese and the toast. It is definitely not healthy, but then again cheese on toast it not healthy so why not enjoy it!


Worcester sauce.


This is not my idea (I saw it on an ad once) but it's still good-tasting. Before you grill your cheese try including a good number of drops of something like Worcester sauce to help enrich the flavor then put this under the grill up until the top is lightly golden brown.


I need to profess this genuinely isn't among one of my proudest posts. And feels more like a hack job compared to an actual practical article on cooking recommendations. However I believe it's reasonable to point out we all have our guilty self-indulgences and this definitely one of mine. However, guess what? The end result is delicious and I think that is 1 of very most crucial factors.

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